I would like to start a school in papua New Guiny on the lines of ancient Indian Gurukul system.

I need a long term visa for that country and land lease on a reasonable rent for a long time like 99 years.

I am sure it is always better to start an education system that is Pur and without pre conception.The students passing out of this school would be very much oriented towards love, peace and work family concept.


Hydrogen Fuel Automobiles

The moment someone talks about any new green technology, every sensible man runs after it.Hydrogen gas has the highest potential.We could get it by two means.

1-By catalytic conversion of water or natural gas

2-By electrolysis of water with electrolyte like Brine or Potassium Hydroxide.But this method needs 6 unit of electricity per cubic meter of Hydrogen gas.This is therefore, a  preposition that is neither economical, nor eco friendly.

Sun doesn’t shine everyday or all the time.So whenever we have it, we produce electricity and store it for use during non sunny period.Here again batteries are expensive swell as non eco friendly.

There is a solution to storage problem of Hydrogen gas itself which could be used when required.A latest find indicates that there are some organic chemicals that can dissolve hydrogen and return it when the solution is heated to around 200C.Those chemicals could be transported like petroleum products and are self extinguishing.

In my opinion this way of storage is the most viable method.Electricity could be generated at very cheap cost from so many natural sources and then used for the electrolysis of water coproduce hydrogen.The dissolved hydrogen can be stored in a cars fuel tank and also transported like Diesel or petrol.Whatever have to find out, how we get the heat source to get the gas out of the solution of hydrogen gas.It could be a Geothermal source, solar heat and combustion of organic matter in a closed incinerator.

Whatever may be the cost of protecting the environment, we have to adopt it very soon; otherwise our next generation might not be able to survive.The concentration of population in metros can not be averted.There always be shift of residence to places of employment as well as other facilities.We can not force an even distribution of population by any means.We have to clean our air, avoid climate change and pollution. No amount of goodies or facilities could please us, if we are not healthy and at peace.